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Hi. I'm K. Christensen, a freelance designer, Nintendo fan, baking enthusiast, and generally nerdy type person. If you'd like to know more about me, you can check out my about page. This is my art tumblr where I post comics, illustrations, doodles, and crafts that I make. Some of the stuff you see here is for sale at my Etsy shop. I use they/them pronouns.

I have a perfectly reasonable number of Tumblr blogs, most notably my personal blog where I reblog silly things and "Leslie and Ann Forever", a Parks & Recreation fan blog. If you're feeling generous, you can show me some love in my tip cup!
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comic about moving to vancouver from seattle and getting to know a new place.  page 2 of 2.

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    There’s a fabric store on Hastings called DreSew and they have a section for felt sheets (and also felt on rolls that...
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    omg this ^ is my life exactly
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